Mexico City With Kids: Your Go-To Family-Friendly Guide

Mexico City. It is not only colorful, chaotic, and one of the major cities culturally, but also a very popular place for family vacations.

Of course, there is no beach in Puerto Vallarta or Tulum, but there is plenty of it for you to explore.

Mexico City has an immense cultural history and boasts spectacular historical sites, ancient ruins, and world-class museums.

There was some excellent food and good weather. It has something everyone can enjoy, even if you visit Mexico City with kids.

There is no reason why your children should not see museums or historical places when visiting Mexico City.

After this trip to Mexico City with kids, your memories may be a lot better than a product from a gift shop.

Our multiple trips to Mexico City helped my daughter learn Mesoamerican historical knowledge.

The contribution that travel has made to the learning process becomes evident when she is of age.

Plan your family trip to Mexico City with kids to explore the local culture and make your family vacation unforgettable!

Getting around Mexico City with kids

Metros of Mexico City provide easy and reliable public transportation throughout the city. Avoid rush time when trains are running.

Uber allows for easy access to a big city with minimal disruption. Use taxis if authorized. In some cases, taxis in Mexico City can get out of the way.

Where to stay in Mexico City with kids?

Before preparing your Mexico City family trip plan, you need to know the places to go. What’s great about visiting Mexico City with kids is that accommodation is very cheap!

Our favorite neighborhoods in Mexico City are the central Roma and Condesa, which make a comfortable base between the historical center and Chapultepec Park, or Bosque de Chapultepec.

Hotel Stanza will provide a good choice if you like a hotel. The restaurant provides a daily breakfast buffet of Mexican food.

How to explore Mexico City with kids?

This list of things to do in Mexico City with kids does not have all the necessary information, but it does include a few of our favorites.

Mexico City parks

The “green places” of Mexico City are the lovely gardens of Jardin Centenario, which is a symbol of the Coyoacán region, the Mirador Pena del Cuervo National Park, Mercado de las Flores de Nativitas, ideal for picnics.

While you cook delicious vegetables on the fire, the children frolic on the magnificent lawns and ride on the swings.

You can also safely include Chapultepec park (it is larger than Central Park!) and Desierto de Los Leones park in the green travel program of Mexico City.

Amusement park/Theme park in Mexico City

At Dolphin Discovery Six Flags you will get tremendous pleasure from live communication with dolphins, at KidZania Santa Fe invites kids to “try on” the professions of doctors, pilots, and business magnates, at Ranco Magico introduce children to the vibrant world of the farm.

Fun in Mexico City with kids never ends. At the end of a tiring day, you can always taste Mexican food in the central cafes.

To consolidate the “effect” we recommend:

  • buy unique handmade toys and clothes at Plaza del Angel;
  • visit Pericoapa, which looks more like a zoo than a market. All kinds of exotic animals are sold here;
  • take a walk in Parque Zoologico de Chapultepec, Zoologico Zacango, and Zoologico de San Juan de Aragon – the best zoos in the region;
  • enjoy the beauty of the underwater world in Acuario Inbursa;
  • try all the rides at La Feria de Chapultepec.

What to do in Mexico City with kids?


Coyoacan is a vibrant neighborhood in Mexico City that is filled with lively and beautiful places. The cobbled streets of this area provide a nostalgic atmosphere.

Coyoacan has many historical sites and colonial churches. This neighborhood’s central plaza has an abundance of parks to explore and gardens to enjoy.

Immediately at the heart of the park stands the name for the neighborhood, a big fountain that has sculptures of coyotes.

Guests are welcome to visit the Frida Kahlo museum, also known as La Casa Azul, a residence of the famous painter and her husband Diego Rivera.

Since she died, the house is now a memorial. Many beautiful crafts are also available.

Centro Historico

As Spanish conquistadors entered Central America, their arrival attracted resistance from the native Aztec population.

uring that time, an important Aztec village was found near Lake Texcoco.

In 1576 conquistadors conquered Mexico’s entire territories. Then they drained Lake Texcoco and built El Centro Histórico.

It stands since then and combines the past with the present. Centro Historico is often regarded as Mexico City’s largest historic centre.

Centro Historico, as the name suggests, is the historical center of Mexico City. The Centro Historico is considered to be the first stop to get an idea of the metropolis.

Some of the city’s most important and luxurious buildings are located here.

The city center of Mexico City is always quite crowded and lively, and only on weekends, you do push through the main streets through the crowd.

The historic center of Mexico City is charming because the streets, made up of small colorful houses, are very close to each other.

Thus, the area in Mexico City is well suited for taking a little walk and immersing yourself in city life.

In Centro Historico, you will see many street vendors and buskers, which makes the area very noisy. However, you should by no means miss a visit to the area to understand the city as a whole.

The Templo Mayor

The Mayor’s Palace acted as a major religious center for the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan before the Spanish invasion.

This building represents one of the biggest ancient buildings discovered in Central America during the Mesoamerican period. It’s a must-see for visitors to Mexico City, no matter how young you are.

The temple in Mexico City itself had been devoted to Tlaaltechtli, the god of the earth.

Several interesting monolithic structures with intricate sculptures are exhibited throughout the buildings. The sculpture depicts the moon goddess Coyolxuahqui.

Archaeologists believe a city’s founder built it as early as 1427.


Xochimilco in Mexico City has been designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1988. Throughout the community, there is a deep concern with the tradition and respect for the natural waterways that surround a southern neighbourhood.

Over the years, this urban sprawl established itself as a top tourist attraction for Mexico City and is known for being the Venetian of Mexico City.

I recommend that you make time to go on a canal cruise with trajinera boats. A boatman can ride this boat on an oar.

During your trip, you may encounter mariachis and other local music that will brighten the night. There’s also a tour of the area.

Chapultepec Park

Bosque de Chapultepec is a major city park in Mexico City with numerous beautiful sights. Chapultepec Castle is situated in the forest, but it is a nice place to explore its exhibits and museums.

It is the only castle in Mexico City in which royal families and others reside. The zoos can be walked by for free only in the event of more time.

The boat trip is an enjoyable way to get to the lake in Bosque de Chapultepec. The walkways in Chapultepec park provide excellent places to enjoy nature with the family.

You can lounge on the grass and in open areas of this place if you wish.

Carcamo de Dolores

Nestled in a park at Chapulte Pec Circa Dolores, this is an important secret in Parks and Recreation. This large spring had previously been used for freshwater supply in Mexico City for some years until other sources were purchased.

Known artist Francisco Rivera honed this city’s history when displaying a mural in the building. Those paintings were called “El Gua de Origen” or ” La Vidas “. The surrounding areas of the springs are pretty nice and the perfect place for relaxing walks.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

It is a beautiful structure and is an important cultural center of Mexico. The spacious interior is frequently used for larger dance and musical performances throughout the year.

These huge murals hanging above the ceiling represent a very unique feature of Mexican art.

Various famous artists’ works are displayed at Palacio de Bellas Artes, such as Diego Rivera, Manuel Rodriguez Lozano, and Rufino Tamayo.

The Museum offers several important fine arts and sculpture exhibits. Come to the palace to explore the finest cultural icons for the children of Mexico City.

Museo de Arte Popular

This museum in Mexico City has many unusual items to enjoy while traveling. The majority of the hand-made items found here were created by Mexican folk art.

Museo de Arte Popular carries a 1930s art deco vibe, which adds to its ambiance. Among other interesting exhibitions are intricate glassmaking and painted pottery.

There’s another interesting alibrije on a view that depicts painted animals traditionally produced by artisans in Oaxaca.

All children can easily enjoy this bizarre museum of popular art. Every street has colorful paintings of all kinds.

Roma Norte-Condesa

This neighborhood has a lot of trendy cafes located nearby. It is the ideal location for those wanting to see Mexico City with kids in the evening.

Restaurants are enjoyable, and most restaurant options here offer authentic Mexican cuisine.

There are lots of beautiful parks and places within the neighborhood that you can visit. A trip to Roma Nord-Codeso is ideal for food lovers who want to explore an incredible area in Mexico City.

Various festivals are also held on Roma Norte-Condesa’s streets all year round.

La Ciudadela Market

Visiting the crafts market in the southwest corner of Mexico City’s historical center can be very rewarding. During your visit to Mexico City with kids, you will find plenty of art galleries and craft shops, giving you a good reason to admire local artisans.

La Ciudelala is an absolute must for any family visiting Mexico City. Some of the interesting crafts you can get include alebrijes.

Local board and basket items can be purchased to decorate your home with some fun for your kids.

Museo Soumaya

Museo Soumaya has become a popular museum in Mexico City. The exhibition houses many art and sculptures, some of them dating back hundreds of years.

The museum includes works of art by internationally known artists, including August Rodin.

Entrance to the museum is always free thanks to the philanthropic investments in Mexico, Carlos Slim. Add this wonderful destination to your trip to Mexico City and see your children amazed by the amazing sights inside!


Exploring Teotihuacan near Mexico City with kids is great fun. Teotihuacan is an ancient Aztec village centered in northeasterly Mexico.

The complex near Mexico City comprises numerous pyramids and temple buildings that have been designated UNESCO World Heritage because of their cultural relevance.

Researchers today have a great deal in common with the Aztecs.

Among the more notable buildings that are located within those ruins near Mexico City are Quetzalcoatl’s Temple and the Moon pyramid of the Sun and Moon.

Basilica Santa Maria de Guadalupe

The Basilica in Mexico City was originally built by Spanish colonists in 1695.

Visitors say this enormous church is worth visiting no matter what religion because its beauty and grandeur make it so beautiful.

There is no fee to enter or visit Basilica in Mexico City with kids and its reconstructed museums and monuments.

This unique design of the building’s interior allows guests of Mexico City with kids the freedom of exploration without interrupting prayer or mass.

Mexico City family tours

You can take an experienced tour of Mexico City with kids and also enjoy a local tour. This tour has many benefits, as expert guides will give your family trip something you will never know or understand.

Teotihuacan & hot air balloons

Teotihuacan Pyramid is just a 0.5 hours drive away from Mexico City. It is an ideal day excursion for those who want to leave Mexico City for some time.

The whole day trip to Mexico City was incredibly exciting for the kids. It is ideal for parents of children under 6. All young people are not allowed to see beyond the edge of the basket.

Aside from round-trip transfers from the Mexico City hotel and balloon rides, you also get some additional extra services that many tours do not offer.

The operator guides you to explore the Tezhucan Pyramid. Aside from that, you can also visit Guadalupe Basilica.

Private tour of Mexico City

Such a family trip provides a perfect introduction to Mexico City with kids. If you are new to CDMX, you will find many famous architectural and historical sites to visit.

It can be incredibly difficult for children to handle the task quickly. It is therefore advisable.

This program displays all “essential places” easily. There are visits to the National Anthropological Museum.

Since it’s public, it’s not a hassle for parents to wrangle with strangers in public.

A Turibus night tour with children is extremely highly recommended.

Street tours

You can also explore Mexico City with kids if you have not already seen the important items.

You can visit the Mexican street art by bicycle or explore the Reforma neighborhoods by Segway. This bike ride also offers snacks and a helmet for everyone during your family trip.

While both tours can be done during vacations, there are plenty of other things to do in Mexico City with kids.

Segway tours are limited to 12 and over, but cover an exciting region of Mexico City!

Puebla day trip

Puebla lies just one hour east of Mexico City, offering lots of fun activities.

I had an amazing week. Rather than wasting the day exploring, take a weekend tour. Private tours take us through the most important places in the city with flexible times, ideal for a family trip when visiting Mexico City with kids.

Then you can see Santa Maria Tonanzintla Church, the Church of Rosary, the Pyramid of Cholula, and many others.

Plus, the return transportation and entrance fee are inclusive. This family trip to Mexico City with kids is perfect for relaxing while having children.

Mexico City museums

A few museums in Mexico City, such as the Frida Kahlo one in Coyoacan attract tourists. The trip was a pleasure.

The children were very pleased with the show. Some other groups were less satisfied – it’s more a matter of taste.

Although you can visit the official residence of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, you should also visit some family-friendly museums in Mexico City.

National Museum of Anthropology


A. Paseo de Reformas, Polanco – Bosco Chapultepec. Secc. Miguel Hidalgo. 11560 Cuidad de Mexico, CDMX. Mexico City


10 a.m. – 5 pm

The National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City is the largest in the world. The building is packed with almost all the objects from precolonial Mexican history.

Other popular exhibits in the museum are the Piedra de Sol (Stone of the Sun) and Xochipilli statues.

The monument celebrates the Aztec goddess of beauty and dance. The museum contains other fascinating objects, with informational posters about these objects themselves.

We visit Mexico’s National Anthropologic Museum of Mexico City with kids every week.

The journey may take an hour or a day for a visitor to see the National Anthropology Museum and find the pieces.

We never did this because this is a bit boring for those in Mexico City with kids. The cool stuff is enough for a young child to enjoy a less enjoyable walk around.

A tip:

The artificial waterfall at the center’s entrance makes for a very pleasant experience when seeing this part of Mexico City with kids.

Museum of Natural History


Av. Compositor Bosque de Chapultepec II. Sec. Miguel Hidalgo, 11110 Ciudad de Mexico CDMX, Mexico City


10 am – 5 pm Monday through Saturday.

It is a great museum for kids in Mexico City. It has an amazing permanent exhibit about Evolution.

The museum additionally offers rotating yearly, several temporary exhibitions. So, you can take several different trips and discover interesting places.

MUCHO Museo de Chocolate


C. Milan 45 Juárez Cuauhtémo, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico City


11 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. daily


60-75 pesos per day.

The Mayan culture crafted a kind of chocolate, as we learned in Cozumel. Nonetheless, other cultural groups in Mexico use various methodologies.

Fun Fact: The family-friendly site also provides guided walks and a coffee shop. They generally offer various chocolate products on every street corner for those who are in Mexico City with kids.

Papalote Museo del Nino

Addresses and contact details:

Av Constituyentos 268, Chapultepec II Sec. c. Miguel Hidalgo 11840. Ciudad de Mexico cd Mx Mexico City.


8 am – 6 pm Monday through Friday.

This children’s museum is a great activity for kids in Mexico City. Even though the exhibits and special activities were all in Spanish, we enjoyed the place very much. It is amazing!

Museo Interactivo de Economia “MIDE”


Tacuba 17, Centro Historica de la Cdad. Centro de México Cuautémeo C 06000 Ciuda Mexico, CDMX


9 am – 6 pm Tuesday to Saturday


95 pesos.

It is aimed at children rather than adults because it is play-based learning. The entire economic museum exhibits are interactive.

It helps teach children what happens in their lives from banking to credit cards to sustainable development in general.

El Templo Mayor

This great Templo was located near the center of Tenochtitlan, Mexico City, and the Aztecs believed that an eagle perched on the bee’s head in its wings. These are emblems for the Mexican flag.

In the temple, there are no pleasant stories — the place where people have sacrificed themselves. The stairs lead into the body, shattered once their hearts have been extracted.

This Museum, which is the finest museum in Mexico City, shows all the finds discovered in the ruin, the art, and the architecture are incredible.

Address: Seminario nim. 8. Historical center. The Templo Mayor faces the cathedral to the right.

El Castillo de Chapultepec

A good place to visit in Bosco de Chapultepec, Mexico City, is El Castillo de Chapultepec. This location was once a powerful location for the Mexican population before the Spanish arrived in the 18th century.

The Castillo de Chapultepec in Mexico City was once an official royal residence, as well as a military academy and presidential residence.

It is the sole castle in Mexico City hosting royalty, and today is known as the National Historic Museum.

It has lots of room to travel, and an amazing view of Mexico City. The room is divided between different periods of Mexican history.

El Zócalo

El Zócalo has been the heart of Mexico City since Aztec times when it served as a main ceremonial center in the capital Tenochtitlan.

It has an official name, Plaza de la Constitución. It is one of the largest city squares around the globe.

Located in the middle of the historic center of Mexico City, this square is connected to the national palace on one side, with a Metropolitan Cathedral on the other.

The Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral is one of the largest and oldest cathedrals in Latin America.


Is Mexico City a good place to visit with kids?

The beautiful Mexico City may be perfect for your next family vacation.
There are a lot of entertainment options for those who visit Mexico City with kids, so don’t hesitate to plan your family trip to Mexico City.

Is Mexico City safe to visit as a family?

Mexico City may be a safe place to stay, and travelers should still be cautious to avoid dangerous situations.
Some neighborhoods in Mexico City can provide safe fun to visit if we know where to get there.

What is a popular activity for families in Mexico City?

The Mexico City Children’s Museum is excellent and packed with hands-on activities to keep children busy all evening.
My friends’ kids, for example, love to blow up bubbles and create animated short films for me.

Final thoughts

Despite possible prejudices, there are so many fun things to do in Mexico City with kids – whether you are going out for the entire day, or just plan on wandering around the city on a weekend afternoon or a Sunday morning, you will certainly find some kid-friendly activities that would be fun and interesting for the whole family.

You can take a group tour with a tour operator if you wish to cover all the historical sights and cultural attractions in Mexico City with kids – you can easily spend an entire day, visiting different family-friendly places.

Make your family trip to Mexico City with kids an unforgettable experience!

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Tracy Cain

I can say with confidence that I am a fan of Mexico. My passion for this country started to emerge when I first came here in 2015.

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  1. I would also recommend visiting the interactive Museum of Light in Mexico City (Museo de La Luz). We got to a paid seminar and learned a lot of interesting things about the properties of color and light. You can create a kaleidoscope, sundial, and other interesting things. By the way, then you can take them with you as a souvenir.
    We also really liked the four-story Museo Juguete Antiguo (Museum of Antique Toys) in Mexico City – a huge collection of toys from around the world. There are quite strange toys, unusual and, therefore, interesting. I really liked that almost all the toys are not hidden behind glass, but simply placed in the rooms.


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