Escondido Beaches: Choose Your Beach In Puerto Escondido

The biggest untapped jewel in Oaxaca, Mexico is Puerto Escondido. The majority of travelers think that Cancun and Puerto Vallarta have the most captivating beaches.

The most well-known beaches in the Mexican state of Oaxaca are Playa Mazunte, Puerto Escondido, Puerto Angel, and Playa Zipolite. Nothing, in my opinion, compares to the magnificence of the beaches of Puerto Escondido.

If you intend to visit Puerto Escondido beaches, in Oaxaca, Mexico, this article is for you!

Why Puerto Escondido?

The best Puerto Escondido beaches can accommodate your entire family and provide them with everything they could need, including beach bars, body surfing, golden sand beaches, and a variety of other sports. Playing at Puerto Escondido Beach has left me with unforgettable memories.

Background information about Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is a popular beach destination in the southern region of Oaxaca, Mexico that is well-known for several beaches in this area. If you glance at the Puerto Escondido map, you will quickly see everything you need due to the town’s not big size.

Tourism is not developed in Puerto Escondido due to a lack of flights to and from the city and little traffic on the roadways leading there. This means there won’t be a line to the beaches!

Booking a flight to Puerto Escondido

Compared to other beaches in Mexico, Puerto Escondido has a very brief or nonexistent history. The reason for this is that it’s challenging to reach Puerto Escondido’s beaches and to identify Puerto Escondido on the map.

Transportation from Oaxaca City takes 7 to 8 hours and is comprised of twisting routes.

Instead, you may take a plane to the city. The Puerto Escondido airport can only support domestic international travel. Bookings for the direct trip between Puerto Escondido and Mexico City can be made through Interjet Viva or other online services.

Entertainment in Puerto Escondido

As you settle in Puerto Escondido, you might ask yourself: what do I do here? Luckily, there is a myriad of activities in Puerto Escondido.

Apart from visiting the best beaches in Puerto Escondido, you can also attend a few restaurants, as well as go fishing, diving, swimming, birdwatching, or dolphin-watching, or even go on horological excursions.

Top Puerto Escondido beaches

The Puerto Escondido beach is the main attraction for visitors to the city. When traveling we love to enjoy outdoor activities. Family bonding activities bring family members closer. The Puerto Escondido beaches have an excellent opportunity!

There are eight beaches in Puerto Escondido, encompassing the coast of the Pacific Ocean from north to south. Our month-long stay allowed us to see many beaches and find out which were great for families.

Choose the best beach in Puerto Escondido yourself!

Playa Principal

One of the popular beaches in Puerto Escondido is Playa Principal. This beach is located in Puerto Escondido’s principal seaside urban area.

Often fishing boats are found at the site. The water was quite shallow and the waves were gentle due to the bay, so kids would have good fun.

But we were not impressed because the waters were less clear compared to other beaches in Puerto Escondido. The area had a rather party atmosphere, reflected in the large number of beach bars and beach clubs nearby selling enormous glasses of ice-cold beers.

Playa Zicatela

Puerto Escondido is perfect for surfing. Among the beaches in Puerto Escondido, Playa Zicatela has a reputation for such entertainment.

Zicatela beach is the biggest one in Puerto Escondido. Although the wave is not strong enough to go swimming, you can still get in the water. Zicatela beach has many good restaurants, from simple to pretentious, along the beach that are perfect for watching the sunset.

We liked the Zicatela beach, located in the south of Puerto Escondido. Here you can swim in the waves and surf, chat and meet new friends.

People on the streets are very sociable and willing to make contact. In the evening they play volleyball on the Zicatela beach and you can ride horses.

Playa La Punta

The southeastmost point in Zicatela is named La Punta and is known for being the calmer portion of Port Escondido. It is also the best beach in Puerto Escondido for watching the sunset and hundreds are here each day to watch the sun fall.

La Punta is a rock point. Thanks to the rocks, the waves here are much smoother and slower to close than on Ziсatela.

Depending on the season, confident surfers, advanced surfers, and even beginners ride on La Punta. In winter, when the waves are small on La Punta, almost all surf schools and surf camps in Puerto Escondido bring their students here for surf lessons.

Playa Angelito

Playa Angelito is a small port with plenty of boat tours that provide dolphin- or whale-watching tours. The whale season in Playa Puerto Angelito is from December to February, and it is conceivable to spot a whale or two while in Playa Angelito. The average price of the tour to watch some whales in Puerto Angelito is around 700 pesos per person.

Also, Playa Puerto Angelito is suitable for recreation and swimming, and on weekends it is very popular among residents and tourists.

The restaurants offer cheap and tasty cuisine and are ready to serve you even if you are the only customer. If you order something, a sun lounger on Puerto Angelito will be given to you for free.

Playa Carrizalillo

Playa Carrizalillo is among the best beaches for beginner surfers in Puerto Escondido.

Several restaurants with beach tables on Carrizalillo beach can be rented for days for people that are craving fresh coconut and some snacks.

If you want to get to Playa Carrizalillo, you have to climb 167 stone steps down the cliff, but in the end, you will be rewarded with the most beautiful and convenient for swimming Puerto Escondido Playa Carrizalillo beach.

Gentle waves, turquoise waters, and sheltered coastlines make Playa Carrizalillo popular with couples and families with children.

It’s pretty close to an airport, so it’s perfect if you want to get off the plane straight to the beach.

Public baths are concentrated in Puerto Escondido Playa Carrizalillo beach and there are several restaurants.

Playa Manzanillo

Playa Manzanillo beach is situated close to Playa Angelito and is an ideal place on which to swim or snorkel during your stay at Puerto Escondido.

In the morning, go explore the underwater world if you are visiting the area.

Some beaches have bars and restaurants where you can enjoy drinks and snacks.

Playa Delfino

Playa Delfino is a beach to which you can get by either motorbike or car. There is easy access to the beach – the bus will be there at night to take you to Playa del Del Sol.

Playa Delfino does not require swimming. If you require shade, bring an umbrella because there are no sheltered areas along the stunning shoreline.

Playa Bacocho

Playa Bacocho has a long stretch of sandy beach with plenty of space for you to take a walk on the shoreline. The Playa Bacocho beach attracts attention with its fine white sand, gentle slope, warm water, and small waves that allow you to swim.

Playa Bacocho stretches 2,48 mi west of Puerto Escondido. You can easily get to the beach by sea or by car. Parking is conveniently located nearby Playa Bacocho.

The Baby Sea Turtles Rescue Program starts every day at 5 p.m. in Playa Bacocho.

An amazing sunset in Playa Bacocho and three different beaches have beach clubs that can be enjoyed for the whole day by the pool.

Please remember that visiting Playa Bacocho is not suitable if swimmers are looking to avoid roughness, as it is very hard to surf.

Playa Coral

A quick walk to the left from Playa Bacocho along with cliffs leads you onto a gorgeous white-sand beach called Playa Coral.

Playa Coral Puerto Escondido beach offers a perfect place for swimming.

You can find local sellers with coconuts and beer at Playa Coral Puerto Escondido, but never expect them – it’s a secluded beach.

If you pay an 80 peso admission fee to the hotel “Villa Mexicana” to enter through their property, in exchange, they will provide you the option of two beverages or a cheeseburger as well as quick access to Playa Coral, aka the hidden beach.


Since Playa Coral is one of the most untouched beaches, there’s no beach chair or an umbrella available at Playa Coral – bring one yourself.

It is also known as the nude beach in Puerto Escondido.

Playa La Barra

Playa La Barra is a virgin beach located near La Punta Zicatel in Puerto Escondido. La Barra is easily accessible by automobile, scooter, and taxis.

At sunset, the birds flock to the lagoon. Sunsets from beach chairs with the lagoon view, the mountains, and the birds are stunning.


Avoid swimming in La Barra – the current is too high.

Playa Zicatela

Playa Zicatela is one of the best beaches in Puerto Escondido, also known as the Mexican pipeline, and is only for experienced surfers.

Throughout surfing season (from late April through September) there are regular big wave surfing competitions. If you are at Playa Zicatela during the daytime, you can see waves as high as 13.8 feet high.

Playa Zicatela is a highly commercial, wide stretch of coastline with many restaurants, shops, and cafés. Several restaurants on the coast can offer you their beach chairs for free if you keep a closed tab all night.


The undercurrents on the beach make swimming unsafe for swimmers.

Playa Marinero

Marinero is a beautiful beach approximately 656 ft long and 165 ft wide, which is located near Central Beach.

It has a strong enough surf for surfers who actively visit the beach right after the rainy season – from about May to the end of October.

If you don’t know how to stand on the board, but want to learn it, experienced and professional instructors will be happy to give you several lessons on Marinero Beach.

For those indifferent to surfing, the beach has ideal conditions for swimming and sunbathing.

Playa Mermejita

You can take a defined walk from Playa Mermejita to Punta Cometa, a grassy lookout perched atop a stunning cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. You can see the mountains and shoreline in the area, in addition to enjoying some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

There is no reason not to go hiking every evening after a tiring day at one of the Best Puerto Escondido Beaches to take in the stunning pink-orange skies bidding farewell to the brilliant crimson setting sun.


Which beach is best in Puerto Escondido?

The best beaches at Puerto Escondido are Playa Carrizalillo, Las Palmas, and Playa Zicatela.
The Carizalillo can help anyone to learn to surf at Puerto Escondido. It is also an excellent place in which to swim.
Punta’s Beach is an excellent destination for experienced surfers of all intermediate levels.

Does Escondido have a beach?

Not as packed as larger beaches in the vicinity, Puerto Escondido offers the right size and atmosphere to enjoy a cozy sunbather. Parking gets tricky, so the best way is through PCH.

How far is Escondido from a beach?

The distance from Puerto Escondido to Pacific Beach is 15,5 mi. The highway is 17.4 mi long.

Is Puerto Escondido safe for swimming?

Puerto Escondido is safe for swimming but you have to understand that there are beaches that look inviting yet they can be quite dangerous due to the strong undercurrents and riptides.


Puerto Escondido is worth visiting – this area has the best spots along Mexico’s Pacific Coast for both beginner surfers and professionals.

Despite having a year-round temperature range of 83 to 86 degrees, there is no reason to miss Puerto Escondido’s beaches.

We hope that you found this article helpful and now know more about the best Puerto Escondido beaches.

Choose the best beach for yourself and enjoy the tropical climate of the best beaches in Puerto Escondido!

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