About me

Hello everyone, and here is Tracy Cain. I can say with confidence that I am a fan of Mexico. My passion for this country started to emerge when I first came here in 2015. Walking around Cancun, I fell in love with this city forever. I dreamed of moving here and tried to do everything necessary for this.

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5 years after the trip, I managed to fulfill my dream. In 2020, I left my whole life in New York and moved to Mexico. And believe me, I never regretted my decision for a minute. However, I still try to come to America every summer to be with my family. To introduce other people to this beautiful country, I decided to start my blog.

Now I am engaged in the fact that I travel around Mexico, and they talk about interesting and beautiful places. In my blog, I will publish not only beautiful photos. I will try my best to reveal each place’s pros and cons. From my blog, you will find current prices and routes, as well as secrets to saving money.

Together with you, we will visit not only famous places but also the outback. I will share the addresses and names of the best cafes and restaurants. I can say that my hobby has turned into a job. I am a guide in Mexico. I hope that soon I will be able to show this country to my family.

If you know an interesting place in Mexico where I have not been yet, I will be happy to read about it in the comments. After I can visit it and tell you about my impressions.

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