What Is The Best Beach Ensenada, Mexico: 6 Nice Beaches

Ensenada is famous for its luxurious beaches. Here you can find areas for every taste. Many people like to come here, set up camp, and camp overnight. More about the most famous Ensenada beach in Mexico will be discussed in this article.

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The best Ensenada beaches

There are many beautiful beaches in Ensenada, Mexico. All of them have their pros and cons. Everything will be discussed in more detail below.

Playa Hermosa

The Playa Hermosa beach is closest to the cruise port. The distance between the two attractions is only 2 miles. You can get from the cruise port to the Playa Hermosa beach by taxi or excursion bus in just 10 minutes. The beach is located on the promenade of the city center.

Playa San Miguel beach

The Playa San Miguel beach is sure to please surfers. High waves almost always remain at Playa San Miguel beach. Therefore, it is better for beginners in the field of surfing not to come here for safety reasons. The Playa San Miguel beach is famous for its clear water and golden sand. Therefore, people who like to go scuba diving often come to Playa San Miguel beach.

An important advantage of Playa San Miguel beach is that there are many shops and restaurants. However, on weekends the territory is filled not only with tourists but also with residents. Given the large area of ​​the territory, even with a large crowd of people, you can find a free place to enjoy a beach holiday.


Playa Estero

This place is ideal for lovers of a relaxing holiday. There is the extraordinary beauty of the sights. Surfers often come here.

Here you can swim, go hiking or ride the waves.

On the beach, you can soak up the sun to get a beautiful tan. You can rent a kayak and arrange a sea competition. If you like to explore the underwater world, or you are fond of diving, you like this place. If you just like to lie on the beach and relax – feel free to come.

Baja California, Mexico

If you move south from the center of Ensenada, you can get to Baja California Beach. Baja California Beach is an ideal option for those who prefer an altogether more relaxing atmosphere with the whole family. There are numerous hotels around Baja California Beach. Therefore, finding a place with modern amenities at Baja California Beach is not difficult.

Baja California Beach offers a great view of Islas de Todos Santos and Bahia de Todos Santos. You can practice water sports at Baja California Norte, as well as find other entertainment options for yourself, including diving and renting kayaks for swimming.

El Faro beach is located in the center of Ensenada. Given its low popularity, you do not meet crowds of people here. However, there are many modern amenities, so you remain impressed. You won’t be able to surf here because the waves are fickle.

El Faro beach

However, stunning and picturesque landscapes open up from the beach. On the beach, there are bathrooms, places for charging electrical appliances, cottage towns, and laundries.

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Punta Banda

This beach is in a peaceful area and is a small area. Punta Banda borders the Pacific Ocean, so you can see one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Most tourists come to this beach for panoramic views and beautiful scenery of the Pacific Ocean.

You can get to the beach from the main city center in just a few hours. If you travel through this area, be sure to visit the Estero Beach Hotel. Estero Beach Hotel is located at the mouth of Ensenada.

When to visit Ensenada?

You can visit this region at any time of the year. Here, you can almost always have fun in the sun. However, if you want to save money, it makes sense not to come here for the New Year holidays. On New Year’s Eve and Christmas, prices for services increase significantly.

With the onset of spring, prices begin to gradually decrease, but in the summer they again increase strongly. On the territory of the Ensenada beach, hurricanes practically do not occur when compared with the Caribbean Sea. However, in September, small natural disasters can occur. If you are afraid, it is better to reschedule the trip for another time.

Quite often, people pay attention to weather conditions, in particular, to air and water temperature. These are very important indicators, especially if you are planning a beach holiday and want to enjoy swimming and sunbathing. Before booking a hotel, you should carefully look at the temperature in the region.

In winter, the water temperature is too low for divers and lovers of the underwater world. However, this is the best time to take a boat ride or walk along the coast. In summer, temperatures rise, so you can swim in warm water. However, long exposure to the sun is not recommended.

It cannot be said that crowds of tourists come to Ensenada beach. However, when various festivals begin to take place, the beaches can get a bit crowded. The peak season, as already mentioned, is Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Hotels and beaches become crowded with people.

The fiesta season begins in March. Therefore, Carnival is held on the territory of La Paz. Also during this period, you can visit the Patronal Fiesta. 7 days before Easter, Mexicans prefer to travel along the beautiful beaches.

They throw noisy parties, so the beaches become crowded.

In mid-September, when Mexico’s Independence Day is celebrated, celebrations are held throughout the country. Therefore, many tourists come to Tijuana or La Paz. It is believed that the state allocates more funds for the celebration in these regions, so the parties are of better quality.

The water temperature, as already mentioned, varies seasonally. In summer, it is much warmer than in winter. The water temperature on the best swimming beaches varies from 64 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The highest temperature is observed in August, and the lowest – is in January.


What is there to do in Ensenada Beach Town?

As already mentioned, Ensenada beach is the best option for people who like water sports. Here you can go fishing, scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, boating as well as water-skiing.

Many people come here to go sailing or rowing. More details about all the entertainment will be discussed below.

Surf lessons

Almost all Ensenada beaches have schools where you can buy tickets to learn to surf. This is the best option for beginners who want to catch the wave and stand safely on the board.

Snorkeling tours

If you order such a tour for yourself, you can get special equipment. In addition, you will be given a detailed briefing. You can choose the duration of the tour yourself. On average, they last 2-4 hours.


Scuba diving

Many people enjoy scuba diving. It is one of the most sought-after sports not only in beach Ensenada, Mexico but throughout the world. Almost all beaches have centers where you can rent snorkeling equipment. Courses are designed for both beginners and experienced users.


Many people come to Ensenada to go fishing. Here you can catch not only sardines or anchovies. This is the best place to get tuna, marlin, and even shark as prey.


Many tourists come to Ensenada beach and rent kayaks. Water sports rentals are located almost throughout the city center.


How to get to Ensenada?

If you decide to come to Ensenada to appreciate all the benefits of a beach holiday, you should familiarize yourself with the route in advance. First, you should check the weather for the period when you have planned a trip. This allows you to decide on an outfit based on whether it will be cold or hot.

Then you need to choose transport. First, you need to get to San Diego or Tijuana. From there you can get to the beach by car, or by plane. It all depends on your preferences.

If you prefer flying by plane, it is better to decide on the flight and book tickets in advance. This allows you to save significantly. Buying tickets on the spot will cost 1.5-2 times more. It is important to book a hotel room in advance, which also contributes to additional savings.

If you make it from Tijuana, you have to buy bus tickets, take a taxi, or rent a car. The latter option is preferable because you are not guided by the public transport schedule and can save a lot of money.

If you arrive by bus, make sure you have chosen the correct route first. If you rented a car, you have to drive the route into the navigator so as not to get lost. As soon as you arrive in Ensenada, find your booked hotel and check in with confidence.

After you can take everything you need for a beach holiday, and go to the water. The main thing to remember is safety; try not to stay in the sun for long.

how to get

Ideal beaches for surfing

If you are looking for the perfect surfing beach, you should study the features of the area in advance. Select those beaches where there is a constant stream of waves, and the territory itself is quite large. This allows beginners and experienced surfers to practice separately. Most prefer Playa Ensenada and La Bajadilla.

Ideal spots for snorkeling

As already mentioned, the beaches of Ensenada are the best option for snorkelers. However, most tourists prefer Playa Arbolito.

This place is at Ensenada beach nearest to the city center, and it is not difficult to get to it on foot.

Many people still like Punta Cucapa. This beach is located near the city outskirts, in the north. Both beaches are protected against wind and strong waves. Therefore, snorkeling is completely safe for you. It is better if you have your equipment for classes.

Yes, almost all centers offer equipment. However, you have to pay for it separately, which significantly increases the cost of services. Therefore, try to take fins, a snorkel, and a mask with you in advance.


Features of Ensenada beaches

As already mentioned, on the best beaches of Ensenada you can find numerous amenities. Therefore, it is comfortable to be here. There are many places with clean drinking water. There is electricity, so you can always charge your gadgets. Many beaches have toilets and bathrooms.

If you want to find the best beaches that offer excellent views of the surrounding areas, it makes sense to visit the islands of San Pedro and Santa Catalina. Yes, here you cannot surf at any time. However, they offer excellent landscapes.

beach m

Beaches for hiking or cycling

If you prefer walking or cycling along the beach, you can come to the Balandra beach trail. Here you can enjoy the beauty of turquoise water, as well as shallow depth. This place would be ideal for families with children.

During the walk, you can observe the majestic mountains and green oases. Almost all hiking trails are large and in great demand. However, you always have the opportunity to find a quiet place.

All routes have signs, as well as various kiosks with goods. You can buy food and drinks here, as well as numerous souvenirs. Given the popularity of such trails, it makes sense to come early. This allows you to find a secluded place.


Are the beaches suitable for swimming?

If you plan to swim, be aware of the potential hazards. If the ocean is open, strong gusts of wind can be encountered, which raise strong waves. Swimming in such conditions is very dangerous.

Swimming near cities would also not be a good idea. This is because there are quite cold and strong undercurrents. Therefore, do not rush to swim. First, study the features of the beach.

If you’re looking for a safe, family-friendly beach, look no further than the Los Cabos region. The city government took care to secure the beach area.

Dangerous areas have appropriate signs, so you know exactly where you should not walk or swim.

Be aware that the Playa Baja California coastline is public. If someone tells you that they own a private beach, don’t believe it and don’t pay anything. Private beaches can only be found in the Pacific Ocean.



When it comes to the Ensenada beaches and the Pacific Ocean, there are many questions to ask.

Are there any beaches in Ensenada, Mexico?

There are the best beaches in the area where you can swim, soak up the sun, surf, or go snorkeling.

Does Ensenada have good beaches?

Nearby the Escanda you can find many quality beaches that are remembered.

Are Ensenada beaches clean?

Yes, the best beaches are very clean. However, not all of them can boast of this. There are places where swimming is prohibited due to the pollution of the beach.

Where is the beach in Ensenada, Mexico?

If you are looking for a beach, then you need to move north or south from the city center. This is where all the beaches are located.


As you can see, the beach town of Ensenada in the vicinity has many interesting beaches. All of them are appropriate for lovers of both active and family holidays.

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