Super Guide To Balandra Beach: Traveling To Mexico’s Beautiful Beach

All you need to know about visiting Balandra Beach, Mexico, is outlined in the article. I’ll explain how to visit Playa Balandra, which is said to be Mexico’s most beautiful beach and tropical paradise, to view white sand beaches and other beaches like San José del Cabo, snap beautiful pictures, and witness marine life.

Playa Balandra, one of Mexico’s best beautiful beaches, is a well-known destination in Baja California. Please learn how to arrive at Balandra Beach, La Paz, enjoy Balandra, seek a parking lot, or make the most of the visit to this natural protected area; consider it.

Balandra Beach in La Paz is one of the best beaches in Mexico, but there are still some important guidelines before visiting this natural protected area.

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Explore Balandra Bay

If anyone thought that Mexico’s idea of beautiful sandy beaches included the Caribbean Sea and warm, tropical palms, they were mistaken. Unbelievably, Balandra Beach, La Paz, Baja California Sur, is considered one of the most spectacular beaches in the nation. Going to Baja California Sur for vacation? Visit this page to see my thorough trip recommendations.

A brief summary of Balandra Bay

A stunning beach in Baja California Sur called Playa Balandra is composed of several partially enclosed coves. The mushroom rock on the north coast of the bay is Balandra’s most notable feature, as well as its major draw. The mushroom rock seemed to have everyone completely enamored.

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Location of Balandra Beach

It is really situated in the Baja California Sur district of La Paz. This takes roughly two hours to get there from Los Cabos and around half an hour to get there from downtown La Paz. So, what is the distance from La Paz? Driving from La Paz to Balandra Beach tends to take around thirty minutes.

The route to take to arrive at Playa Balandra from Cabo San Lucas

Shoreline Playa Balandra is approximately 84 miles from Cabo San Lucas.

Although visitors from Cabo San Lucas can travel there on a one-day trip, staying overnight in La Paz is preferable.

Expect to travel there from Cabo San Lucas in around 2.5 hours on average, including approximately 1.5 to 2 hours just at the beach and seaside. Todos Santos, which is midway between San Lucas and La Paz, should not be missed. This lovely village has a longstanding tradition.

Tour a playa Balandra desde Los Cabos

Why is Balandra Beach really unique?

Beautiful beaches may be found all around Baja California Sur. Often rated as being among Mexico’s best beaches! When the tide is low, the intricate details of the whirling white-sand beaches are revealed, with a desert backdrop and turquoise-colored seas surrounding it.

This entire continent is nothing but pristine wilderness, except for a few palapas rentals and kayak rentals at the parking lot.

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Get to Balandra Beach

Via car

The quickest and most convenient method for traveling there from La Paz is probably via vehicle. It took approximately thirty minutes to get there. Perhaps the greatest way to experience all of Baja’s magnificent natural beauty is by driving across it.

Regarding automobile rentals during your vacations around Baja California, I suggest DiscoverCars. The best option is to hire a vehicle in Cabo San Lucas.

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Via cab or Uber, explore Balandra Beach

If visitors don’t have a rental car, they may go from La Paz via taxi as well as Uber.

Anyone can expect to pay around 150 pesos for a ride with Uber because it is the most cost-effective option. 

Depending on the length of the trip, visitors may likely spend between 150 and 200 pesos each way.

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Balandra may be reached by water

Another way to get to Balandra is by boat, as many boat tours include landings at beaches other than Balandra, allowing you to explore additional magnificent beaches that are only accessible by watercraft or can be admired from Balandra Beach

On the Playa bus bound for Balandra Beach (public transportation)

The specialized Playa Bus is the most affordable travel option to go from La Paz to Balandra. Malecón and perhaps other beaches are indeed destinations on the bus that travels to Balandra Beach. The longest route to Balandra Beach is the following one: Single-way tickets are 60 pesos.

Visiting Balandra Beach by tour

If visitors are without a rental car and prefer not to take public transportation, taking a trip to visit Balandra Beach, La Paz is a fantastic alternative. Between La Paz and San Lucas, visitors may embark on a tour to visit Balandra Beach.

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Activities for a trip to Balandra Beach

Traverse the bay on foot

Traveling out to the Sea of Cortez island of Isla Espiritu Santo, I had breathtaking overhead vistas. A brief, sharp ascent leads you to the top of a mountain with views of the entire bay.

Just on the side of the highway heading to the central parking lot is where you’ll find the pathway. Perhaps one of Baja California’s finest and most breathtaking sights is this particular one.

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Snap photos

Including its perfectly clear ocean and countless colors of turquoise, Playa Balandra is among the most gorgeous locations around the city; therefore, if you’re a camera geek like me, you’ll adore it. Visitors won’t get sick of the breathtaking vistas of Playa Balandra, regardless of where they are. Being able to experience it truly fills you with joy and gratitude.

Discover the many coastlines

At low tide, visitors can walk across the harbor to the beaches opposite them by walking through the shallow water.

Visitors can probably find a private beach to themselves if they’re prepared to transport personal belongings in a small backpack. When wading in the water, it could be a good idea to wear water shoes to prevent tripping over concealed stingrays.


Kayak or use a stand-up paddleboard

Alongside the food vendors in the parking lot, you can hire kayaks and stand-up paddleboards.

Now see the recognizable mushroom rock

The Hongo de Balandra, a mushroom-shaped rock structure, is perhaps the most recognizable feature of Balandra Beach. This main beach area conceals the rock. El Hongo also serves as a popular destination for many boat tours, although you can easily access it from the nearby beach by walking through the shallow water.


Go to nearby Tecolote Beach

I advise moving just a tiny bit farther along the highway to Playa Tecolote once you’ve done visiting Balandra Beach. Tecolote is an excellent choice for anyone interested in water sports. Moreover, this beach is more urbanized than Balandra Beach. Playa Shiro is located on Tecolote’s extreme left coast.

At nearby Tecolote Beach (Playa Tecolote), visitors may also embark on a boat cruise to Balandra Beach.

For roughly 300 pesos per participant, this sailboat excursion departs from Playa Tecolote but does not dock near Balandra Beach.

If you’re traveling after opening hours but still want to see Balandra Beach, this is a great alternative.


Get some sunlight and then go swimming to cool down

Sunbathing is one of the greatest activities near Balandra Beach. Balandra Beach is surrounded by extremely shallow seas. It’s just really pleasant to bathe here, particularly on a hot day.

Beach excursions at Balandra

Visit Balandra Beach without the need for a guide; it is indeed extremely simple. This cruise can take guests there & back, stopping at Todos Santos along the way, when you are staying in Los Cabos & wish to explore Balandra Beach as part of a one-day trip from Cabo.

A journey to Balandra Beach is frequently included on trips that typically include additional activities.

A stopover at San Rafaelito is included in Visit Balandra Beach’s roundtrip sailboat transportation from La Paz to Balandra Beach. On Board Baja’s excursion involves a visit to San Rafaelito for snorkeling alongside sea lions and eating a meal, plus paddleboarding at Balandra in addition to snorkeling with whale sharks.

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Balandra Beach, La Paz Hotels

A few hotels are situated close to Balandra Beach, La Paz. Although visitors will stay outside the city center, this is a wonderful choice if you possess a vehicle and therefore can avoid using cabs or other forms of public transportation.

  • Hotel Catedral. Tourists love the Hotel Catedral, one of the most well-liked hotels in La Paz with modern architecture. The restaurant offers breakfast, has a lovely swimming pool, and also has beautiful scenery while being near some top activities in La Paz.
  • Costa Baja Resort and Spa. Costa Baja, one of the greatest five-star hotels close to Balandra Beach, offers stunning panoramas of the Sea of Cortez in addition to a spa, outdoor swimming pools, and several dining options. The ideal place to stay if you’re looking to treat yourself is here.

Places to eat close to Balandra Bay

Take additional food, as there are no restaurants or food stands at Balandra Beach. The nearest eateries are at Tecolote Beach, which is merely a couple of miles away and where you’ll discover them. Visitors may visit Playa Tecolote after Balandra Beach shuts because it additionally includes bathrooms, rental equipment, and boat tours in the surrounding region.

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Limitations on Balandra Bay

A luxury ship capsized & went up in flames in Balandra Bay in August 2022, causing the water to become contaminated with petroleum, large amounts of trash, gasoline, & charcoal. Around a month has passed since the beach’s closure. Despite additional restrictions, Balandra Beach was opened to the public on October 28, 2022.

For tourists to Balandra Beach, the municipality of La Paz imposes a quota on the number of people as well as a time frame. Its administration in La Paz has stated that armed officers may be on duty at the beachfront around the clock in the future. This surveillance should remain.

An admission charge for Balandra Beach is also another recent change that has not yet been verified. The alleged entrance charge to the nature reserve is 54 pesos.

Kids under the age of twelve or anyone over the age of sixty who lives in La Paz are exempt from the charge.

On the first Sunday of each month, only La Paz residents are permitted to use the beach. Every Monday is reportedly designated as a housekeeping and leisure day, during which the facility is also shuttered.

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Advice for visiting Balandra Beach

  • Verify the bandwidth restrictions. Things are always altering, so internet material is frequently inaccurate. For the most up-to-date information, I recommend contacting the La Paz lodging.
  • There seem to be practically no amenities at Balandra Beach, including no places to eat or consume. There aren’t any trash cans, so be certain to bring any trash outside with you. Local eateries & shops could well be found at Tecolote Beach.
  • There is a little cover, practically; the main beach has only a few palapas. To attempt to get a beach umbrella, arrive early. They may be purchased at a discount from a La Paz retail center.
  • Stingrays love hanging around the low, gritty waters at Balandra Beach, so just be careful when you’re in the sea.
  • Balandra Beach has become one of the most famous destinations in La Paz; just arrive early to avoid crowds. I strongly advise arriving early in the morning and planning a full day during this time. After that, you’ll want to spend some time unwinding in the ocean and relaxing on the beach.
  • Balandra Beach is one of Mexico’s greatest picturesque wonders, yet it is extremely vulnerable; therefore, please just leave everything as you found it. Never forget to use sunscreen or body lotion here! Alternately, take hats and clothes to protect yourself from the sun, along with a beach umbrella for protection.
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Balandra Beach Tourist Guide

Among any choice of locations to visit in Baja California Sur, Balandra Beach ought to be at the top. This truly is a piece of heaven. I trust that somehow this advice has been useful to you as you prepare to visit Balandra Beach.

This comprehensive tourist guide, which you should read if you’re going to La Paz, covers the best things to do in La Paz as well as places to eat, sleep, and other details.

Do other options exist?

Tourists may anticipate seeing a variety of wildlife along the six walking routes in Balandra, including frigate birds, seagulls, gray gulls, & sea eagles. Therefore, remember to bring your walking boots & find out why people believe this beach to be one of the most magnificent ones on earth.

What cannot be done?

  • Don’t throw anything away. 
  • Jet skiing is not permitted. 
  • Pets really aren’t allowed in the mangrove region.
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Why is Balandra Beach closed?

As a result of an environmental catastrophe and a ship that capsized in the water, spilling tons of gasoline, Balandra Beach was blocked for some time.

Can you swim in Balandra Beach?

Yeah, of course! The shallow waters of Balandra are ideal for swimming. In addition, kayaking & paddleboarding are very common there. It makes Balandra Beach ideal for resting time.

How to get to Balandra Beach from La Paz?

There are several methods for getting from La Paz to Balandra Beach, depending on the itinerary & financial constraints.

How deep is Balandra Beach?

Balandra Bay, which consists of 7 beaches, is famous for its extremely shallow tides. As the seawater doesn’t rise over chest height during high tide, it’s indeed simple to stroll around the headlands & check out each coastline individually.

How long will it take you to go to Balandra Beach?

The quickest and most convenient method to travel to Balandra Beach from La Paz is by vehicle. When you reach the destination, there is street parking after a 30-minute drive. Then enjoy Balandra Beach.

Can dogs be brought to Balandra Beach?

Dogs are permitted, but you have to carry a container to pick up their waste. Don’t fail to bring additional containers for dog waste plus, if required, a leash.

Is Balandra Beach a secure place?

Balandra Beach is completely secure. Visitors must wander in the waters for a time before it reaches deep in the low, current-free waters off Balandra Beach.

Do the beaches in La Paz, Mexico, have nice waves?

Yes, beaches in La Paz have nice waves. La Paz, an unprotected reef and point break on the Costa del Balsamo, provides consistent waves. From the north-northeast, the best winds come. With somewhat bigger waves, Playa Tecolote has the same pure water as Balandra.

What time of year is ideal for visiting Balandra?

The entire year is a fantastic opportunity to travel to Balandra. However, keep in mind that the sea level may fluctuate throughout the day.

Balandra Beach La Paz: My final words about why you need to get to Balandra Beach

One of Mexico’s finest and most spectacular beaches is Balandra. This offers picture-perfect surroundings, calm seas, shallow waters, and several incredible sports like walking and kayaking. Balandra Beach should be on any agenda for Baja California. Remember that this is just a beach with shallow water and no nearby food vendors.

If you’re visiting Baja California Sur, then you should visit Balandra Beach. Hence, be certain to include it into the schedule for Baja, while also being mindful of the opening hours and treating the ecosystem with care. To avoid skin cancer, put on splash-protection eyewear and reef-safe lotion, as well as a hat.

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