How Much Does A Horse Cost In Mexico: Main Figures

Quite often, people wonder how much a horse cost in Mexico. You need to understand that the exact cost of the horse depends on the place of purchase. If you can’t buy a horse in the US, you can buy one in Mexico. So, let’s figure out how much does a horse cost on average?

how much does a horse cost in mexico

The cost of a horse in Mexico

It is rather difficult to answer the question, of how much a horse cost in Mexico because it all depends on numerous factors. Prices may vary depending on the breed of horse, as well as the place of purchase. On average, the purchase will cost $3000-5000. However, some horses can cost $10000-$45000.

In the US, the cost of an equine can be several times pricier. This is due to taxes and shipping charges. Some breeds can cost 250 thousand dollars.

How much does a horse cost in Mexico: list of expensive breeds

This list includes:

  • Arabian horse;
  • Thoroughbreds;
  • Andalusian;
  • Oldenburg.

Mustangs are considered the most affordable.

Some Arabs and Thoroughbred horses cost as little as $1,000.

The cost may vary depending on the pedigree.

But for a wild Mustang, you can pay only $100–200.


Cost of stallions in Mexico

The cost of stallions is always an order of magnitude higher than mares. If you want to buy an individual horse of a standard breed, the costs may vary from $500 to $3,000.

Stallions of the Oldenburg breed are somewhat more expensive. The minimum cost is 4 thousand dollars. And the maximum price is about $20000.

How much does a horse cost in Mexico: the most expensive horse

Several factors influence the final cost. There are no clear restrictions on the price, so sellers have every right to set it on their own.

The most expensive horse in Mexico is a stallion named Fusaichi Pegasus. The equine is purebred and was sold for $70 million. At the moment, this is the most expensive transaction that has been carried out in the country.

most expensive horse breeds

Is it legal to own horses in Mexico?

Please note that horses are allowed. However, for this, you need to have friends in law enforcement agencies. This is explained by the fact that there are difficulties with buying or renting an area where horses can be kept.

If it is a hobby farm?

If you want to establish a hobby farm in Mexico, you need a lot of documents and permits to open one. Therefore, it is possible to own horses in Mexico, however, with certain restrictions.

What is needed to buy a horse?

If you wish to buy an equine in Mexico, you have to take your passport with you. You should also have a certificate with a list of vaccinations. Otherwise, you do not allow into Central America. If horse ownership goes to Mexico to sell a horse, then it also needs to have a health certificate and a certificate of origin of the animal.

There are no restrictions on entering Mexico with a horse. If you have come to take part in the exhibition, you must have official certificates.


The costs of exporting a horse from Mexico

It all depends on which state you import it into. On average, the cost of the horse itself is 1200–2000 dollars. If you want to buy a quality equine that has documents, the price is higher. The costs will go to shipping, border fees, and import tax.

First spending

First, you need to bring the horse to the port where the ships depart from.

You need to show employees a certificate stating that the health of the horse is in order.

An exit permit, an animal passport, and a receipt for payment of the quarantine fee are also required.

Every day you have to pay $270 for the fact that the horse is transported. The minimum payment for 3 days is $810. Stallions and mares must undergo additional quarantine, which costs about $1,400.

Additional spending

Additionally, you have to pay for the transportation of the horse to the center where quarantine is carried out.

Spending summary

Therefore, the minimum costs of importing a horse are $7,500. The maximum amount often does not exceed $12000.


Horse crossing features

As already mentioned, you need to get a certificate stating that everything is in perfect order with the state of health of the horse. It must be issued by the Veterinary Inspector of the National Government of Mexico.

The document must state that the horse has been in the country for 2 months, and does not have any contagious diseases, as well as internal and external parasites.

You also need to reserve a place at the quarantine facility. It must be managed by the USDA.

How to save money on importing a horse?

To save money, you can ship geldings. After all, this excludes the possibility of paying for quarantine.

Mares vs. stallions

If you import mares, the costs are $3,400 for quarantine. For stallions, the payment is slightly higher, about $9,700. In addition, you have to pay the initial import duty.

The cost of crossing a horse by plane

If you decide to contact a specialist company that transports animals, in particular horses, the cost of transportation will vary from $0.75 to $3 per mile.

Prices may vary depending on the distance, as well as the individual needs of the horse and its owner. If the transportation distance does not exceed 100 miles, then the price is $2.55 for each mile.

More or less than 100 miles

If the horse is transported more than 100 miles, then the payment is slightly lower.

If the transportation distance does not exceed 1000 miles, then you have to pay $1.1 per mile. If the range is more than 1000 miles, then the cost is calculated on an individual basis.

Using international airlines

If you are transporting a purchased horse on international airlines, you have to pay from 2 to 10 thousand dollars for a flight in each direction.

As you can see, the prices for transporting horses are quite high.

COHEN 11 524

Which airlines can transport horses?

Several large companies fly and can take a horse on board. Among them, FedEx and UPS should be noted. You have the right to apply in any form to transport the horse.

Tex Sutton was one of the first to provide this kind of service.

It began with airlifting participants and winners of the Derby, which was held in Kentucky. The company has been providing similar services to customers since the 60s of the last century.

Today, it is considered one of the best and most sought-after companies that can transport a horse to the United States. For these purposes, there is a special aircraft.

Can FedEx Charters transport a horse?

The company in question, FedEx Charters, specializes in transporting oversized cargo. This applies to those goods that are difficult to move. This list includes not only horses bought in another country. Often these services are provided to zoo owners who buy new animals.

The company is famous for maintaining optimal temperature and safety conditions inside its vehicles for each horse. For more information, you can contact the staff by email or phone.

This allows you to find out the availability for the selected date, as well as voice your wishes regarding additional services. This lets you know the exact shipping cost.

Permission to cross the border on a horse

Within a month after the purchase, you can cross the border on the purchased horse. However, you need to have all the health certificates. Also, be prepared for the fact that the horse may be re-examined at the border to make sure the data is correct.

Cost of transporting a horse to Europe?

If you are transporting a horse abroad, the cost of transportation varies from 8 to 30 thousand dollars.

Cost factors

The exact amount depends on numerous factors, including:

  • class of service;
  • the final and initial point of dispatch;
  • the selected airline, etc.
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Features of buying a horse

Many come to Mexico and cannot understand exactly how to search for and buy a horse. There are a few rules to keep in mind. First, you must know exactly for what purpose the purchase is made.

Acquaintance with sellers and inspection of the horse

Meet several sellers that match your request. After that, you can understand which of them you tend to trust more. Don’t be afraid to ask specific questions. Try to make transactions at home to look at the conditions in which the horse lived.

Before the transaction, you need to inspect the horse. It is best to do this in the presence of a veterinarian who accurately helps determine the problems. If the horse is healthy, you can safely complete the deal.

When is the best time to buy horses in Mexico?

You can come to buy a horse at any time of the year. However, spring is considered the best time.

The cost of importing a horse into the United States

It is impossible to say exactly how much money you need to introduce a horse bought in Mexico into the United States. It all depends on numerous factors. On average, the import of a horse into the United States is $4,000.

Additionally, you have to pay various contributions, as well as quarantine.

Be prepared that you must pay, not only for the journey itself. Additionally, you have to pay for the vaccine against equine flu, as well as a test for the infectious disease brucellosis. If you add up all the costs, the amount can be six figures.



When it comes to buying a horse in Mexico, there are many questions to ask. The answers to them will be presented below.

Can you buy a horse in Mexico?

Yes, you can buy a horse in Mexico. The legislation of the country does not prohibit this.

How much is a horse to buy in Mexico?

On average, the purchase will cost $1,000. You can find pricier and cheaper options. It all depends on the seller, the region of purchase, the state of health, the breed, and the pedigree.

Can I buy a horse in Mexico and bring it to the US?

Yes, you can bring a pet from Mexico to the US. Only for this, the horse must serve quarantine, which lasts a week. You also need to have a special certificate of health. You need to take it within the first month after purchase.

How much does a horse averagely cost? How much does a horse cost on average?

On average, the cost of a horse in Mexico is $1,000. However, costs may vary. You can find an animal for $300-500 or $10000-40000.


As you can see, buying a horse in Mexico is not difficult. The exact purchase amount depends on numerous factors. If pedigree and breed are not important to you, you can find inexpensive options. If you’re looking for a performance horse with a pedigree, be prepared to pay upwards of $10,000.

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