San Miguel Thermal Spa: Your Best Guide

Want to change a picture? Clear your mind? And the first thing that comes to your mind is total relaxation in hot springs. There are many natural hot springs, but if you have never been to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, I strongly suggest you try. Let’s talk about San Miguel de Allende first and then I will dive into the marvelous hot springs topic.


San Miguel de Allende town and surroundings

Apart from the speaking fact that San Miguel de Allende is UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can find their incredible restaurants and food markets – over 350 (!) so, you can imagine how well developed this is close to every one of us topic. The cuisine is mind-blowing.


Besides the yummy food, your eyes can be resting on lovely colonial architecture, cobbled streets, and the famous Sistine Chapel. I suggest you visit art galleries and local handicrafts markets and their big El Tianguis de los Martes held every Tuesday. All in the historical center.

Keep in mind that because there are many ex-pats and tourists the prices in San Miguel de Allende tend to be higher.

Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention: their stunning sunsets which you can watch from numerous rooftop bars and restaurants of San Miguel de Allende. Breathtaking beauty!

Few heads-up

A warning: San Miguel de Allende have very steep streets (just like in Frisco), plus cobblestones make it hard to walk. Make sure you have an adequate pair of shoes. Another one: streets are narrow, so maneuvering around in a rental car can be challenging. Last one: parking spots can be hard to locate.

Few words regarding San Miguel de Allende’s climate. In general, San Miguel’s climate is mild with a dry season during fall and winter and more precipitation during late spring and summer. In the highlands, though you can feel more dryness, so San Miguel hot springs pools would be a quite tempting choice for relaxation.

Where to stay in San Miguel de Allende?

I can present you with several options, so you can choose whatever suits your purposes. The San Miguel springs usually don’t have nearby lodgings/hotels (except for Hacienda Hotel and Escondido Place).

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Las Terrazas San Miguel de Allende

This lodging has a very high rating, so you won’t be disappointed. Las Terrazas San Miguel is located near the heart of San Miguel de Allende. They offer short-term accommodations and memorable weddings. Las Terrazas comprises private and unique casitas on hillside terraces.”

Prices: start from 200 USD per night (for two).

Las Terrazas San Miguel de Allende

Casa 1810 Centro Hotel Boutique San Miguel de Allende

A luxury hotel in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, where colonial architecture meets modern comfort with some of the best views of the city. Great location, within walking distance to the trending restaurants in town, breakfast included booking directly. Amazing restaurant on the Rooftop (Trazo 1810)”

Prices: start from 380 USD per night (for two).

Casa 1810 Centro Hotel Boutique San Miguel de Allende

Casa de la Noche San Miguel de Allende

More affordable choice. Here is their property description: “Casa de la Noche is a historically significant “Hotel Boutique”, located 4 level blocks from the Jardin on a tranquil side street. Eighteen impeccably clean and beautifully decorated rooms & suites with kitchenettes are named for the “working girls” who used to live here. Each room has its personality.

Prices: start from 92 USD per night (for two).

Casa de la Noche San Miguel de Allende

Case Maricela San Miguel de Allende

“Casa Maricela” is B&B in the heart of old San Miguel de Allende. Situated just a short stroll from the main square and historic church it offers a wonderful travel destination for travelers who want a true taste of Old Mexico. Maricela provides true hospitality and authentic cuisine at both breakfast and lunch with guest rooms that are quiet, clean, and charming”.

Prices: start from 80 USD per night.

Case Maricela San Miguel de Allende

Hotelitto San Miguel de Allende

This a cottage stay, a very decent for the money asked. “Hotelitto San Miguel” has located 5 blocks from Jardin Allende Park, in central San Miguel de Allende. It offers free Wi-Fi and a communal terrace with views of the city.

Prices: start from 25 USD per night (for one).

Hotelitto San Miguel de Allende

What thermal pools to choose from?

There are few thermal pools in San Miguel de Allende, most of them though located not in the town itself, but in the suburban area. It is a 10-15 minute drive. Consider also spending some time driving a bit further away to other small towns and attractions. Spending over 6 hours in hot springs only sometimes is a difficult task.

La Gruta Spa of San Miguel de Allende

The most known, I would call it “celebrity” – is La Gruta spa (Gruta means grotto). Keep in mind that because of its status, you will see many tourists and local people there, at times it’s a very crowded pool. Especially on weekends and Mexican holidays.

La Gruta Spa of San Miguel de Allende

Please keep in mind that La Gruta Spa allows no own food and pets. No smoking.

In one pool the water temperature is very high – be careful and check your heart conditions before staying for too long.

La Gruta spa offers four thermal pools, the most attractive one is the underground cave – a man-made cavern (FYI – no kids there!) – domed a shaped grotto. There you can stand under the natural hot spring shower. La Gruta San Miguel offers a nice outdoor area, where you can dream of lying on a sunbed.


La Gruta San Miguel has Adelo Spa. The spa includes reflexology, deep tissue, and, indeed, several types of massage, including therapeutic massages. Please book in advance.

Few words regarding La Gruta spa restaurant. The menu is quite exhaustive. Mainly Mexican cuisine. Affordable. Portions are big. Keep in mind that the service is slow, though the food is tasty.

la gruta san Miguel de allende fact sheet

La Gruta de San Miguel de Allende opens at 7 am and closes at 5 pmClosed on Monday and Tuesday for maintenance.

La Gruta Spa The entrance fee is around 13 USD.

La Gruta Spa San Miguel de Allende has restaurants, free lockers, changing rooms, indeed bathrooms and showers, and free parking, but you need to bring your towels.

la gruta san Miguel de allende fact sheet

How to get to la gruta san Miguel de allende

You can get to La Gruta Spa by bus, taxi, and rental car.

Rental car – 20-minute drive, but better to rent in Mexico, so you can ride down to San Miguel de Allende on your own and drive around local attractions as and when you wish.

Uber is not always an option, so just Hail a taxi and agree to get you back in the afternoon as it will be really hard to get out later. Not more than 10 USD two-way drive.

You need the main bus station where you can ride any bus going to Dolores Hidalgo. Ask the driver to drop you off near La Gruta spa. On your way back just wave the bus.

Things to see/taste around la gruta Spa San Miguel de Allende.

For foodies: find the food stall located on Atotonilco street (this is a main street). 15-min walk from La Gruta Spa. Another great option is to have lunch at Mamma Mia Campestre restaurant. It’s in a private lovely park, and the tables are scattered around this park. The food is excellent. You can enjoy walks around the park and nearby lake afterward. Great experience.


Another landmark near La Gruta Spa is the incredible Atotonilco Sanctuary with its astonishing walls and ceilings.

For shoppers: biggest vintage open-air store (same main street) – easily walk from La Gruta Spa.

Vine lovers: la Santissima Trinidad is the biggest vineyard in this area; advises you to book a tour of their lovely lavender fields and indeed “vine producing process”. They also can offer you lunch in their restaurant. Feedbacks were very positive. Oh, indeed, go to their SPA – it offers a 5-star experience just like we used to it in the US. Day trip.

Escondido place of San Miguel de Allende

These San Miguel de Allende hot springs have a beautiful garden, surrounded by lakes and forests (nice walking paths will be tempting you).

Escondido place of San Miguel de Allende

Unlike La Gruta Spa Escondido have three springs, swimming pools, and of course bathrooms and changing rooms.

The Escondido place has its SPA, situated in a quiet corner of the garden. The SPA menu is luxury, but make sure to book in advance.

The Escondido place has a spacious restaurant that serves breakfast and lunches. The cuisine is indeed Mexican with marvelous fresh juices.

Fact sheets

You cannot bring your meals, or drinks, except bottled water. You need to have your locker. If you don’t have you can purchase it from their convention store for 2 USD.

The entrance fee is 9 USD.

Open from 8 am till 5 pm every day.

Additional useful info

Nearby you may find a hotel if you like to spend more time in this wonderful area. A bit pricy though.

You can go to the same attractions mentioned earlier for La Gruta Spa (these hot springs are close to each other).

How to reach the springs?

It is the same as for La Gruta San Miguel.

Luxury Mayan Bath of San Miguel de Allende

The most expensive and at times controversial hot springs in San Miguel de Allende. The surroundings are very romantic and very intimate. With that said and very few tourists there you can enjoy the experience with your beloved one.

Luxury Mayan Bath of San Miguel de Allende

They have open-air and subterranean hot springs water pools, rushing down through caves and tunnels. All the hot springs are lit by candles, so you can imagine the impression it makes.

Fact sheets

Open for the public every Saturday from 10 am-9 pm. Alternatively, you can reserve it for a private event any weekday. No children. No wifi. No own food. Free entry.

You need to book in advance and pay in cash, although there is an option to use PayPal for an advanced booking. There are three packages you can choose from. Most of them include the entrance itself, massage, and dining experience. Almost all people who visited these hot springs are praising their meals.

The VIP package is around 220 USD for one person. Includes: facilities access, a towel, a robe, a three-course meal and dessert, three shots from the bar, and a massage.

The basic package costs 165 USD and includes facilities access, a towel, a robe, a three-course meal and dessert, and three drinks from the bar.

Relax package costs 165 USD, and includes facilities access, a towel, a robe, and a relaxing massage.


Few heads-up

If you come by 10 am be prepared that the water flows will be a bit cold at first. Be prepared their English is quite limited. Besides, at times they are not very responsive to emails and phone calls, although “service on the ground” is good.

One hint: you better take care of your leaving beforehand as taxi arrival time is usually 20-30 minutes (you would not want to sit there once you left thermal pools for this length of time).

Another one: don’t expect high quality in drinks.

Advice: don’t expect a 5-star experience as we have in America & Canada, so then you won’t be disappointed.

One note: no bus to get there.


Where to go and what to see around?

I suggest you go to the lovely town of Dolores Hidalgo – the birthplace of Mexican independence. On September 15 th this historic event is celebrated by the nation and its president.

All other landmarks and sightseeing mentioned above are also easily reachable from these hot springs (all hot springs in San Miguel de Allende are located very close to each other).

Parque Acuatico Xote of San Miguel de Allende 

This is more like a waterpark than a secluded hot spring like Mayan or La Gruta Spa.

And because of this, you may enjoy it with your kids. A big advantage is that you don’t need to leave San Miguel de Allende far away as this attraction is located on Dolores Hidalgo Road going from San Miguel de Allende (only around 5 km). Camping is available (30 USD per person).

Parque Acuatico Xote of San Miguel de Allende

Fact sheets

Entrance fee is 12 USD (2023 price) for an adult, 6.5 USD for a kid, and the same for elderly people.

No lockers are available. You cannot bring your food & drinks (they have a restaurant).

They are open every day from 9 am to 6 pm. You cannot go there by bus. Only by taxi and rental cars.

Hot springs in Hacienda of San Miguel de Allende

This is a small hotel built in the Spanish architecture style, located just outside of San Miguel de Allende (10 km) surrounded by large gardens. They have a 25 m pool with thermal water and a few small ones. Very hot spring water – around 107°F.

Hot springs in Hacienda of San Miguel de Allende

The property has a gym, tennis courts, and horseback riding. Hacienda has spacious rooms and a restaurant furnished in colonial fashion. A nice gem where you can enjoy all the perks of a secluded living place.

Their hot water is colorless, odorless, and potable. Contains high bicarbonate, soda, and calcium – that tones and tightens your skin and has a relaxing effect on your nervous system and of course your muscles.

In comparison to La Gruta Spa – Hacienda is more tailored for personalized service.

Prices: start from 110 USD per night.


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What is the best time of year to go to San Miguel de Allende?

The best time to go to San Miguel de Allende is from November to April.

How many days do you need in San Miguel de Allende?

Please make sure to reserve at least two days in staying in San Miguel de Allende.

How much is the shuttle from Mexico City to San Miguel de Allende?

There is a bus taking you from Mexico City to San Miguel de Allende. It costs around 40 USD. Duration is 5 hours.

What are the most popular thermal springs?

La Gruta Spa San Miguel is the most popular choice. La Gruta spa has a domed-shaped grotto and that makes this choice so appealing to the guests.

Is it worth visiting San Miguel de Allende?

This small colonial town with hot springs is a very attractive place, having many unique landmarks. Worthy of your travel hassles. Some bookings are required (for SPA treatments, and some thermal hot springs).

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Travel tips

San Miguel de Allende hot springs and well as the town itself are quite appealing places to visit and enjoy.

The most convenient way to roam around San Miguel de Allende – is a taxi. You don’t need to worry about parking (which is hard at times to find) and driving through very narrow streets.

Please keep in mind that if you want to enjoy a massage in any San Miguel de Allende thermal springs you need to book it in advance (except for Mayan one).

Go during the dry season (Nov-Apr). Preferrable in March as then you can lay in the open air in a wet suit and not be covered by goose prickles.

Be aware of steep and cobblestone streets in San Miguel de Allende – hard to walk, bring a very comfortable pair of sneakers.

San Miguel de Allende is a bit overpriced. The same goes for Mayan hot springs.

Visiting la Gruta San Miguel de Allende is the most common choice.

Don’t expect 5-star quality in San Miguel de Allende as we have in the US, and you will be never disappointed.

The list of things to be “equipped with” before going to any hot springs include a swimsuit, your own towels, dry clothes, you are allowed to bring your water, better have cash in pesos, waterproof for your devices, maybe an eBook, earbuds, a change of your underwear. Maybe wireless battery charge for your devices. You may find lockers in almost all springs.

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